Wire is an end to end encrypted video calling service that makes a great alternative to Skype as there are many security advantages to using it over Skype:

  • Switzerland law applies which is very strict on data access.
  • End to end encryption to stop snooping or malicious activity on the participants
  • Uses the Proteus protocol which is based on the signal library which is the one of the best end to end encryption libraries.

What makes it different

The fact that the data that flows between the participants is encrypted and that the quality overall is on par with Skype, which is what this product is made to compete with, it is a great drop in replacement with much better security and better privacy. The only issue with the program is that the android apps are still very beta feeling and far from being perfect. All in all the desktop program is great and a very good alternative to Skype that you can get at Wire offical website.