What is it and why

Directory opus is this amazing program that brings dual pane file browsing to window in a way that integrates overal nicely with the operating system without feeling too complex for beginners and underpowered for power users. It comes In a two flavours:

  • light $49 (£29.71)

  • Pro $89 (£53.97) discount if you own light and upgrade

Prices in AUD and GBP are accurate as of 2017

Light is just file manager and nothing more most features for a home user are here nothing to complex. No limits just a really great file browser

Pro is where the big guns come out with the option to replace explorer as your file manager so opus opens with every folder clicked and a implementation of a MTP browser with dual pane. Note: MTP dual pane or otherwise isn't available in the light package when a MTP device is inserted and clicked within opus it will simply use the windows explorer view to show MTP devices instead

why buy it

So who should buy it and why

For a start the feature set is great and the software construction is fantastic for a three man team from Australia they aren't a Big company they state in the FAQ, just a few guys wanting to make good software. There are a few Addons such as $10 for sftp and another 10 for USB backups. The community surrounding the program is great as well as the Devs being active in the forum's to assist, the community is always making plugins for the program allowing increased functionality on top of a very power user friendly platform.

I didn't know about this program until a humble bundle was offering a light license for a really cheap price. I upgraded to the pro license from my light and it has been a great tool in my everyday usage to organise files and cluttered folders.

I'd recommend this program to system admins and developers alike as well as the tech savvy home user wanting a faster way to organise files without Several explorer windows open.