Got an Asus 7 2012 tablet? aka codename grouper (Wi-Fi). Well, you can resurrect it with Marshmallow.

So my friend and I are talking about android dev and all things about the cycle and we start talking about how the devices have come and gone eventually talking about our oldest devices owned and we arrived on the Asus nexus tablet and we both had one and we both thought. wonder if it can run 'Mallow ? And So begins today's project.

What you will need

  • About 1 hour
  • A rooted Asus nexus device with an unlocked bootloader with a custom recovery
  • Experience in flashing an image and Open Gapps (Or Other Gapps if you have preference or experience)
  • A Marshmallow Zip image (Link to Dirty Unicorn 6.0.1 down below as it was hard to find)
    Dirty Unicorn - 2016-03-12 - Marshmallow - AFH Mirror


  1. Download the required files. I recommend that the open gapps package used is the aroma package (GUI) giving control over what you install.

Caveat: The nexus has a small system partition to gapps so installing a version of higher than Pico or Nano will result in error 70.

Insufficient Space Available in System Partition: Your device does not have sufficient space available in the system partition to install the Open GApps package

so it is recommended that you use aroma and install just google package installer (Play Store).

  1. Flash the dirty unicorns ROM first then your copy of Gapps.

  2. Boot... Or So you think.


Error 1: Setup wizard goes nuts:
On the first boot you will get alternating errors of

Setup Wizard has stopped responding.
Google Play Services has stopped responding

This is apparently due to the fact that setup wizard is trying to get permissions or access a permission before it is allowed. This error is so persistent you can't even go to the setting without it popping immediately as it is closed.

Solution: One solution I haven't tried is to grant the wizard the permissions quickly in between the popup closing. My Solution was to

  • Reboot to recovery
  • Mount system partition
  • Navigate to System > Priv-apps
  • Find the Setup Wizard folder (This folder contains the apk for the program)
  • Delete the folder
  • Reboot (Clearing cache before if you want)

Error 2: Themes crashes hard:
Looking at logcat when you launch the theme component from the settings menu it crashes and log cat tells you that it is a null pointer exception :(.

Solution: Install C-Apps. C-apps is the cyanogen package containing:

  • AudioFX
  • Theme Chooser & Store
  • Dialer
  • Gallery

The theme chooser contained in the ROM is already cyanogen. This just updates it, unfortunately, requires a cyanogen account meaning your device need to online first. This fixes the theme chooser.

Final Caveat: currently the device has trouble receiving install requests from when you ask for an app to be installed from the website. The device even struggles to acknowledge bought apps.

At this point in time, i have no fix for this problem but will update when I find a usable fix.