This post is going to be looking at a new tool I've been trying called Wox. So a while ago I wrote about called Launchy but I recently learned that it hasn't been actively maintained for a long time so I went searching for a replacement. Using the website which is my trusted choice for finding free and open source replacements for commercial or discontinued software. prefix over let's dive in!

What is Wox

Wox is an Alfred-like launcher for windows and is a really good drop in replacement to launchy. It's main unique points is that it is being actively maintained and can hook into many users written plugins such as:

  • Putty ssh
  • chocolaty
  • Spotify
  • Everything (Desktop File Indexer)

it is currently being developed on GitHub and at the time of posting the last update was within days and months in some areas.

for developers this launcher is pretty extensible as it can have plugins developed in python and C#. plugins are installed using the wpm install command.

Where to get it