What is Parrot

Parrot is a pentesting os that is an alternative to kali as it stands there are your main pentesting os's

  • Kali
  • Backbox
  • ParrotOS

I used kali for anything pentesting for a long time but after awhile I wondered is there anything that looks nicer and has the same tools I stumbled on parrot when it was just beginning and it is a beautiful looking os, it looks like something out of the film swordfish.it also has the advantage of segregating accounts as you use a root account and a standard account whereas kali runs in total round this means things like chromium don't complain that they are running root.


there are too many to list here and full reference is available at Tools

  • Metasploit
  • reaver
  • Wireshark
  • SQL map

What makes it different

well to begin with it looks very different from kali it's more sleek interface and another difference is that you setup like a standard machine with a standard account and you can use sudo to get root allowing you to run non-root apps or study malware without risk

where do I get it?

The official site has many images including 32/64 bit images

or my own built box