What is it

It's a time tracking app on:

  • Android
  • Windows
  • iOS
  • Web
What makes it different

Its cross-platform and the company is very engaging on social media they are always innovating and keeping the system very stable. Its updates are real time it also has a billable hours function for premium members. all members get a reports function which allows you to filter hours reporting by project and goes back up to a year allowing you to get an idea of how long each project took in total, projects are defined by tags and names the tags allow the definition of ongoing project e.g. website is the tag and the name of the log item could be navbar so it helps you structure big projects by components.

Final Thoughts

It is a really nice product and works well also once you get an account tweet them and contact support to get some swag such as stickers to help them take over the work one timesheet at a time.