What is glasswire

Glasswire is a all in one network and program monitor it tracks program updates and traffic from your machine and generates alerts based on network or program updates. Glasswire isn't not far off being an IDS (Intrusion Detection System). It tracks the programs, network data and hardware over several months which creates a log on which you can look back on for security events and changes. It also graphs your network traffic. The free version gives a lot of features for just a home edition. They do offer a pro edition which can monitor several machines from one computer and an elite which gives you unlimited everything.

How accurate is it

it is very accurate, Hell it even knows if the motherboard or network adapters have been swapped out and notifies you on the desktop next time you boot. It also is very good at resolving ips to countries and displaying a nice flag next to the address and what program initiated the connection.

Use Scenarios

  • Office Use to ensure employees aren't loading unauthorised programs
  • Security Setting such as malware analysis
    (Especially the Feature to monitor when Webcam and Mic are being accessed)
  • Server monitoring

Where to Get it

You can get it right Here (Link to the official Site)