So whats it all about

Well this post is a little social commentary on how companies receive comments
so they usually go through a few methods such as:

  • twitter
  • internal email e.g.
  • feedback forms al la Google
  • trials of beta software followed by your feedback

Why do this ?

well in the end it makes a lot of changes:

  • better product
  • tailored to the general need of users
  • focus on areas that need improved and tested more frequently
  • prioritize new features

And the users benefits

  • better product
  • beta access
  • talking with the company makes you a more respected person in an industry for communicating with a company publically e.g. twitter feedback people will see you have a skill with a product
  • Free swag sometimes for trying or even creating feedback for a product publically

Ending remarks

Feedback must always be genuine good or bad and never under persuasion or duress as this can create skewed and sometimes even false data. But if you love a company and the job they do there is no reason not to promote them its a beneficial symbiosis for you the user and the company