So this post will be about online playgrounds or sandboxes to test code on and also where yo can put what you create

Javascript,HTML and CSS


so jsfiddle is a online playground for testing code in HTML,CSS and Javascript. its main features are:

  • ability to easily share code snippets
  • you can easily preview the code on the site and the CSS is also rendered as well as the JS being rendered such as 3D objects
  • has many JS Libraries as includable in your test code so you can call functions from included libraries


Mongo Labs

Want a free mongoDB database without paying lots well these guys have a free plan that is very nice and allows you to test database code that uses mongodb its features are:

  • It's free
  • the size constraints are too tight its big enough to test data in
  • the paid options include being able to setup a server on amazon EC3 or Google Cloud
  • has a online user interface to manage your DB



This site is a great alternative to github and has got a really slick interface, its feature include:

  • auto icons based on language e.g. python repos get a python icon when you specify a language type
  • free public and private repos (Unlimited) which is awesome, private repos require a plan with Github
  • a free team plan for small 5 person teams

a downside to using this service is that right now you can't link to files within a repo in the README file but has been reported as a bug has been sitting for two years but a fix is in the works now



mashape is a service that allows you to have one account and to use several API services through them as a sort of intermediary which is great as you don't need to have a separate account for each API service. main features:

  • Free account, business plans available
  • plenty of examples of how to use each API
  • Most of the API's are free and have a high hit rate for usage



play with docker is a playground that allows you to use docker for 4 hours and also spin up several instances to see how code will run or how things will operate.

anyway this rounds up a small set of sandboxes i have seen to be useful over the years and sorry i haven't kept this up to date but i have a few drafts waiting to be published so stay tuned and thanks for reading