So chocolatey is in the title, its okay don't worry i've not turned into a cooking blog(yet). its the name of a really awesome program that works like apt-get but for windows

so apt-get is the package manager for linux for those who don't use linux, it installs your programs on the command line or if you use a GUI it's usually synaptic package manager. the standard format of a package request is usually

sudo apt -get install audactiy

on chocolatey the syntax is:

cinst audacity


choc install audacity

the cool thing i love about chocolatey is that you can issue this:

cup all

strange command right ? what does it do ? it updates all packages including ones not installed by chocolatey to the latest version, also did i mention that it handles the archetecture too it will pick a 64 or 32 bit package based on your hardware.
thats the basics i leave the rest up to you to have a play with this piece of (FREE!) software it has tons of packages like VLC,PuTTyConEmu ( Which I will talk about later) and many more

you can get it at: