I Hear You

This post is about my tool called I hear you which does a simple 3 functions

  • Get Loved Tracks
  • Get most played
  • Get user Details (Age,Gender)

Its mostly a learning project to understand even more of pythons syntax ( as im originally a java programmer)

How does it work

It makes use of the Pylast library for auth and network functions it does require a API account to use it. right now it is mostly source code for devs and learning but i would like to improve it further by:

  • Learning how to store and retrieve settings in a ini file
  • Make a tkinter GUI or alternative GUI format
  • Applications in the real world ?

Its use could be good as finding out how much a user listen to a specific artist and genre could help get an idea of the kind of person e.g. listens to alot of x could be a y kind of person. Get basic details of a last.fm user. List your own songs


Now does logging to file