This is a short blog post about my tool Geo which is a work in progress tool to help Wifi Planning and Security audits

1. What is it

Geo is a tool written in java that parses Wififofum kml files and does a few things

  • Formats the data

Reading a XML file would be tiresome so Geo first translates the XML nodes into tab indented lines in a text file

  • Reverse Geocodes the Data

The reason its called geo is because it pulls the coordinates from the KML file, sends them to google maps using the API and resolves it to a street address where the wifi point is situated

3. Why

It was mostly a project to learn about interfacing with KML/XML files and parsing them and also to acquaint myself with how to use online API calls

Theres plenty of work to be done on Geo mostly support for kismet as it uses a different layout for its KML files and i would definitely like contributors to work on it